Doing More With Digital Health Forms In Hospitals
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Doing More With Digital Health Forms In Hospitals

by Seamfix

With a focus on streamlining process in healthcare services, we take a look at different scenarios for digital health forms.

Sometimes, one finds out that it is easy to neglect hospitals and the entire health sector when it comes to digitization. It is not rare to find health care officials in hospitals and medical agencies manually collecting data with paper forms. And afterwards, enter these patient data into computer systems.

There’s a lot of stress in that, right?

However, the above is what digital health forms remove from the entire process. Here’s how.

Register New Patients Faster

Digital health forms offer premium support to hospitals by making patient registration easier for everyone. To get the best from your system, one of the things you can do is to make online platforms available to your patients for registration. This means having your health forms on mobile devices that can be quickly filled.

Digital Health Forms with BioRegistra


Like many sectors, the healthcare sector is home to a lot of forms that are used for different purposes. From medical records to laboratory results, intake forms, clinical data and many more. The existence of these in silos therefore make it difficult for administration. Ultimately, it slows down process, which is quite detrimental for an ecosystem like health.

BioRegistra, as a digital health form software, allows healthcare providers to gather all their forms in one place. The platform provides you with everything you need to move from using paper forms and quicken process.

The Signature Effect

This considers the perspective of consent. In case you’re wondering if digital health forms would allow your patients to still provide consent without paper forms. The straightforward answer is “yes”.  BioRegistra’s digital signature feature allows patients or their referees to sign on your consent forms. And from any location.


There’s a chance to do more with your forms when you make it digital. So, what are you waiting for? Take a quick look at BioRegistra.