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Do You Know? 5 Fun Facts About IT Managers

by Seamfix

IT managers coordinate, plan, and lead computer-related activities in an organization. They are in charge of IT needs, computer installation and maintenance, and they oversee the usage of an organization’s devices as the need arises. 

Alright, everyone knows those, but here are some fun facts about IT managers people may not know yet.

They prefer remote work to physical one- but the real work comes in managing remote devices

Who doesn’t like to be on their own, brainstorm, and get things done on their desk while the kitchen is next door to grab quick bites at intervals? 

Remote working is one thing almost every IT manager longs for; however, thinking about the other part of it, which is managing the IT infrastructure of different employees tied to you remotely, some IT managers find it tiring, especially when they don’t have enough resources to achieve that. 

For example, an infrastructure manager who doesn’t have access to a standard mobile device manager (MDM) could see remote working as a nightmare as they have almost no control of the mobile devices outside their reach.

Cyberattacks scare the unprepared ones!

What could scare anyone enjoying their job more than the fear of losing it? The sad part is that the effect of cyberattacks goes beyond the fear of losing one’s job; it could actually make one lose a whole business! 

Cyber attackers will always remain the villain for IT managers with no resources to counter threats against their systems. Every IT manager looks unbothered till cyber attackers hit them. 

Half Infrastructure manager, half Human Resource Manager

Beyond what people see on the outside, IT managers actually manage more than mobile devices and other infrastructure; No one would go wrong if they called them behind-the-scene human resource managers.

An important part of managing infrastructure is having the capacity to manage the people using them too. One of their primary roles is to ensure employees comply with some security regulations, maintain some level of confidentiality when handling the organization’s devices, and many more. 

IT managers are not just tech managers; they are people managers. 

Most prefer to be IT Managers than to be managed by one

One of the things that occupy the minds of remote employees is the thought of a “Big Brother” watching over their shoulders – seeing the sites they visit during work hours, how long they work with the mobile device allocated to them, and more. 

Flip the coin, and here’s the good part, IT managers are the “Big Brothers”. They know and see what others do whenever they want to. Most prefer to be on this side of the table than being the employee managed by another IT manager.

The hardest part of their work is managing non-compliant team members

In every good story, an in-house black sheep is likely to exist. IT managers may find other things easy to do but may lose sleep when their staff is non-compliant with simple guidelines. 

Most times, they are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring employees understand the importance of securing their mobile devices and avoiding simple hackers’ tricks. Still, all these efforts may go down the drain if a single employee decides to go wayward with these instructions.

These and more are some things others don’t see from the outside about IT managers. However, apart from the ones we’ve listed above, IT managers are strong pillars in any organization they find themselves.