Choosing The Perfect Digital Business Forms
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Choosing The Perfect Digital Business Forms

by Seamfix

So, you’ve found out that paper forms are not doing your business any world of good. And like many great organizations, you’ve finally understood the need for digital forms. Now, that’s one great step in the right direction. Digital business forms truly offer you a chance to do more.

However, since there are different kinds of businesses with equally different needs for digital forms, it is important to have an overview of what you should be looking at when deciding which web forms you should be adopting. In that regard, we’ve curated a list of things you should watch out for.

Shall we?

Mobile First


As a business owner or individual, the first and foremost feature you should always consider when choosing a digital form is its ability to work on mobile. Your forms should be able to go anywhere with you, allowing you to fill them on your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. You’d find this very valuable especially if you have field/remote workers who are regularly required to collect data.

Offline Usage

Do you own or work for a business that has a large customer base spread across multiple locations and use forms for onboarding? It should be considered priority that your business’ digital forms is able to work in the absence of network connectivity. Your forms shouldn’t be an excuse for the inability to complete onboarding processes when you can always go for digital forms that can be used with or without the internet.

Quick & Responsive Form Builders

You want a tool that would make your work easier, not a mere upgrade on your paper forms. Hence, why you should also ensure that the form builder for your digital business forms are as easy to use as possible. You should be able to create your forms in no time, with fields that are clear to your users, and inspire high rates of completion.

Real-time Integrations

The best digital business forms take data collection a step further by enabling you to integrate with your existing business workflow. You can only imagine the amount of manual burden that this eases from you and your staff.

Data-driven Decisions



Digital business forms have the potential to contribute to your decision making process, backing it up with real data. This can be only achieved if your digital form is embedded with quality reporting and analytics tool which help you analyze all the (customer) data gotten from the field.

All the Requirements You Need

Your forms get really interesting when you’re able to configure them with any requirement you need from your users. We refer to the ability to collect both textual and biometric information in your forms, including images, fingerprints, as well as eSignatures.


Variety is the spice of life…and digital business forms too



There are a lot of digital forms out there and you’d be truly spoilt for choice. But here’s the thing; the best digital forms for business are those that provide you with all or almost everything you need to succeed with data capture in one place, while also allowing you to add your own requirements.


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