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Celebrating Our 10th Year As The KYC Company

by Seamfix


This year marks the 10th anniversary of SEAMFIX and also the unveiling of her new product BioRegistra.

Seamfix as a company has come a long way since it started. Back in 2007 when Seamfix, the leading identity management solution provider in Nigeria was originated, it seemed like a fresh start of the unknown. When some young and talented individuals teamed up to make a remarkable change in the society using technology. Did we have any particular problem we wanted to solve? No? We just knew there were a lot of problems in Nigeria and our goal was to resolve them using technology.

Little did we know how magnificent this goal was. As Seamfix started to grow, we had bigger demands which needed bigger ideas. Over the years we have produced enormous and brilliant solutions like BioRegistra, Autotopup, FuelVoucher, iTranscript, Primepayroll, etc.

All of these wouldn’t have been done without the help of our great TEAM. Together we have rebranded and created tons of innovative ideas which has improved and also added value to the society today. We are proud to say that Seamfix is brimming with the most intelligent, innovative and talented individuals who can go extra miles to harvest success. In the 10 years since our inception, Seamfix has grown to become a TEAM of more than 100 staffs.

We cannot say that all years back have been rosy, like any other company we all have our times where we need to stomach downs and work through issues. In all that has happened, we have learned to stand strong and create a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Today 19th of October marks a new frontier for Seamfix, we have seen explosive growth over the past decades and most thrilled with our progress to date, and every day it feels like we have more and more opportunities to create the future of technology.

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