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Celebrating 12 Years of Innovation and Awesomeness!

by Seamfix

Wow! A decade and 2 years has been an incredible and wonderful ride, no doubt with some ups and downs.
For us, our anniversary goes beyond any kind of celebration, but a subtle reminder and true evidence of 12 years innovation,
12 years continuous existence, 12 years awesomeness, 12 years agile-problem solving, 12 years building award-winning
solutions, 12 years of making dreams come true and impacting millions of African people and businesses to achieve more
daily, now that’s a good way to celebrate!.


On this note Seamfix turned 12 years on the 19th of October and it was celebrated in Grand style for two days.

Day 1 was themed with a dress code “REPRESENT YOUR STATE” as to recognize our roots (AFRICA) of which our company was
birthed from. All Seamfixers came glamorously dressed in their traditional attires representing various tribes in Africa. Not leaving
behind our traditionally decorated red carpet where all seamfixers were paparazzied.