Townhall Recap: VNIN service and Face Match Updates

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On Friday, the 14th of July, 2023, we had our first public town hall session with our supportive customers. We discussed the recent change from NIN service to VNIN for Nigeria and shared exclusive updates on our Face Match services for Africa.

Here’s a short highlight of all we discussed at the online event.


The VNIN service for Nigeria


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What is Virtual NIN?  VNIN is a computer-generated version of your NIN. Think of it like a token. This ensures that no one else can use your NIN without your permission, as a VNIN only lasts for 24 hours after generation, ensuring maximum security for the owner.

As a compliant business, you should require that your customers submit their VNIN instead of their NIN during verification. You can help them do this via mobile USSD using our agent code or the NIN application.

To learn more about the VNIN, read our guide for more details.


Virtual NIN Generation NIMC. Vnin Face Match Nigeria. Verification service


  • Why are unsuccessful VNIN verifications charged? When a request is made for a VNIN verification, the service provider will charge for the transaction with or without a valid VNIN once it is sent. But we will definitely refund you if there’s a failed request.
  • Can a customer lose their VNIN if they lose their registered sim card? The VNIN is independent of a customer’s sim card as it is directly connected to their NIN. This means that a customer can generate multiple VNINs as long as their NIN is registered and valid.
  • Who generates the VNIN, my business or my customers? Your customers generate their VNIN themselves through the NIMC application or a mobile USSD code. Please refer to this guide to learn how this works.


Face Match and Artificial Intelligent Services

Seamfix Verify’s most popular service has been our document verification service, which includes national IDs and driver’s licenses.

Recently, we’ve evolved to build advanced services using artificial intelligence to identify and verify customers with their biometrics, from background cleanup services to face match and liveness detection. This is a huge plus for businesses like Telecoms and Fintechs that require newer capabilities to meet their security demands.

Liveness Detection Tests Africa. Face Match

Plug our Face to ID match widget directly into your existing onboarding process to match a document ID to an individual’s face in real time, ensuring that an individual is exactly who they claim to be. This weeds out fraudulent individuals online and in support locations.

Learn more about our AI services here or speak directly to our sales team for a virtual demo session.

Enjoyed this read? Watch the recording here or join our telegram group to connect with other businesses across Africa.



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