Manage all KYC registration operations In One Place

SeamROP helps your admins and dealers streamline all registration related activities without losing focus on any component by simply adopting a management portal.

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Stay abreast of activities with an insightful dashboard

The SeamROP dashboard provides you a real-time view of ongoing operations within the Registration portal. Generate insights from this using the responsive analytics and charts.

Manage users from the KYC portal

Control the activities of users on the BioSmart KYC Suite from the SeamROP portal, including user account creation and updates, activation and deactivation, and security settings.

Securely assign agents to devices

With SeamROP’s mapping ability, you can allocate capture devices to each agent and in the future identify the ownership status of each device.

Report issues in real time

Agents can make complaints on certain issues using the portal, requesting resolution from the admins/dealers. The SeamROP portal also makes it easy to track the status of each issue with respect to assigned KPIs.

Export registration reports

SeamROP’s reporting module includes different registration reports which can be generated in various formats including Excel, PDF, CSV, etc.

Create and manage registration outlets

The portal enables you do more than just create outlets for registrations; it also lets you map each outlet to a dealer and location. this mapping can be done with every device in these locations.

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