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Reaching More Customers With Webforms For AIICO Pension Managers

AIICO Pension Managers is a leading pension fund administrator in Nigeria and a subsidiary of AIICO Insurance Plc.


In recent times, the pension industry has seen different cases of fraud, most of which have had to do with identity theft. This includes incidents of malicious individuals claiming other people’s pension funds by simply switching their identity.

Hence, the need to firm up KYC in the industry.

PenCom, the government organization overseeing policy on pension matters in Nigeria, made a regulation for all pension fund administrators to recapture data of RSA holders across the country. AIICO as a PFA needed to do the same.

Beyond the regulation, AIICO Pension Managers required a means of capturing customers who were scattered across different locations in the country.



AIICO Pension Managers adopted BioRegistra, our data collection tool, for the recapture of over 200,000 customers. With BioRegistra, the company was able to arm itself with multiple options for data collection. These include an android and windows app and shareable webforms.

The webforms have proven to be a winner for AIICO Pension Managers as it helped to save time spent on data collection. The company connected with its customers without having to meet them physically. This was achieved by sending emails with BioRegistra forms embedded within them. Customers simply filled and saved the forms, while it synced to the backend in real time.

What The Client Said

“We found BioRegistra extremely helpful as it met our dire need for a data capture solution that could re-register our pensioners in nationwide locations while syncing the information/feedback to the back-end in real time.”

– Kufoniyi Olusola

Deputy Head of IT

Data capture on mobile just became quick, easy & reliable.

App available on Android and Windows