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Meeting KYC Requirements For CloudCover

CloudCover is a leading provider of mobile data services that run on multiple networks. Its MiFi devices are built on groundbreaking virtual SIM technology that ensures users are constantly connected.

The Big Dilemma

CloudCover was faced with a demand from NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) to meet KYC requirements and needed a solution that would help maintain the policy as quickly as possible. The company’s choices swayed between building a unique solution for its business or integrating an already existing solution into its business process. After consideration, they realized that building a dedicated solution would be more expensive and time consuming, which meant that they needed to find a data capture solution that would be both be affordable and flexible enough to fit into their existing solutions


BioRegistra to the Rescue

In their search for ease, quality, and affordability, CloudCover found BioRegistra, which they immediately began to use for their customer data capture process and ultimately meet the pending NCC regulations. BioRegistra, as a digital KYC solution was effective in saving the organization the cost of building a new solution from scratch and offered them all the features they needed to make the process as smooth as possible.


The Journey so far….

Following the integration of BioRegistra into its system, CloudCover began to carry out all its KYC processes digitally. It was able to successfully capture and validate users of its MiFi device. This activity of data capture became easy because BioRegistra provided the company with a user-friendly interface which all its agents could quickly grasp and use to register customers from different locations. Another thing that really makes this an exciting experience for CloudCover is the regular, timely updates that occur on the platform meeting the company at the exact point of their need.

And this is what they had to say about us…

“The timing of the release of the Bioregistra product by Seamfix was just-in-time. CloudCover had just identified the need to carry out a know your customer (KYC) process before onboarding any customer and integrating with their platform via provided APIs was seamless with the modular design of our systems. Today, Bioregistra powers an integral part of our business process (Bioregistra)”

– Martins Ebiri
Group infrastructure and systems manager, CloudCover.

Data capture on mobile just became quick, easy & reliable.

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