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Enhancing Identity Management For Security Firm in Nigeria

Halogen Security Company Limited is the one of the top providers of professional security services in West Africa, using cutting edge technologies to live up to their goal of ensuring safety of clients’ lives and properties.


Being number one in their field, it comes as no surprise that Halogen has a large workforce. The company needed a platform that would enable the data collection of her many employees across Nigeria, plus Cadets after their graduation. This needed to be a solution that could validate identities on the go against what it had stored in its database to ensure that only clean data was captured. The solution also had to be as dynamic as possible, so that it could be integrated into their already existing processes and flexible enough to transition with their business needs. Enter, BioRegistra.


The Solution

With BioRegistra, Halogen was able to capture data of all her staff by sharing the configurable form links to her staff in different locations. Upon completion, the records were stored and immediately synced across all channels. BioRegistra was deployed around the country and used to capture all cadets before assigning them to new locations. Halogen got even more than they asked for from BioRegistra as all data captured was seamlessly integrated to their ID card system to print ID cards directly.

In Praise of BioRegistra…

“Seamfix’s BioRegistra has been instrumental in our bid to document our large workforce spread across Nigeria. Seamfix’s approach of offering the biometric data capture platform as a service has also made biometric enrollment projects less daunting.”

– Timi Adebayo
Head of IT Services, Halogen.

Data capture on mobile just became quick, easy & reliable.

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