Road Map

We’re updating BioRegistra regularly. Check back here to see the latest
improvements and newest features.


XML Generation compliant with numerous Nigerian regulatory schemes

Kiosk mode implementation

BioRegistra Face to ID Match Feature

BioRegistra white labelling

BioRegistra Internationalization and foreign payments

BioRegistra v2 Portal

Features of Data Collection Software
Features of Data Collection Software

In Progress

BioRegistra PUSH API

Implementation to pull Captured Data in XML format

Bug fixes


October 2018

Database restructuring and remodeling for improved performance and query run time
Email Summary receipt after data capture on Bioregistra
Improvement to the BioRegistra OCR implementation
Introduction of a Customizable Read only field on BioRegistra
Improvements to our BioRegistra web forms for better personalization
Bug fixes


NIBSS Certification of Seamfix’ BioRegistra Fingerprint Capture devices
Integration to the IBKojak 442 Fingerprint scanner for Android and Windows
Integration to the Futronic FS64 442 Fingerprint scanner for Windows
OCR implementation on Android
Fargo ID Card HD5000 integration for direct printing from BioRegistra
Implementation of the 1:N Identification Use Case
Introduction of the Per User Model
Modification to the signup phone number
Implementation for optional sign off feature where captured user is required to sign after previewing captured data
Introduction of a new user role – Project Admin
Integration of Crashlytics for Android
Modification to the BioRegistra emails


NIBSS Certification of BioRegistra for BVN Verification
Biometrics data remodelling and re-architecting to reduce query run times
Inclusion of .wsq fingerprint format in our third party API for retrieval
Bug fixes and improvement

JULY 2018

GDPR Implementation
eSignature feature on Windows
BioRegistra updated look and feel
BioRegistra locale database hosting option to any country/region
Introduction of Searchable dropdowns on Windows
Composite Unique Fields
Document Scanning option on Android
Flashlight during data capture
Bug Fixes

MAY 2018

eSignature feature on Android
Data Deletion Feature
Data compression during sync for faster file transfer
Introduction of Failed Notifications for Enrolment and Re-enrolment
Integration to IBColumbo Fingerprint Scanner
Fix for Re-enrolment issues
Other bug fixes

APRIL 2018

Bug fixes and improvements


Draft Feature.
BVN validation feature.
Geomapping feature for captured data.
Revamp and Deployment of new BioRegistra website
Bug fixes and improvements


Preview feature on the capture clients
Feature to view captured data on Reports menu on capture clients
Web Enrolment
Online form embeds to website and Android app
Bug fixes


Re-enrolment feature
Template Creation
Template Cloning feature
Project Cloning feature
Integration to the SeamfixOne device
Introduction of the per record billing model
Introduction of our Custom Capture Data Analytics builder (Pie and Bar Chart)
Feature that allows agent Ignore and skip validation on the capture clients on Windows
Revamped BR website
Bug fixes


Official Product Launch!
Custom ID feature (Phase 2)
Bug fixes


Feature to allow agents skip fingerprint and ignore validation for captures on Android
Improved settings for dependency creation during form creation
Introduction of manual location settings for projects
Ability to run, view and export captured data report
Introduction of our Custom Capture Data Analytics builder (Cards)
Custom ID Feature (Phase 1)


BioRegistra Website revamp

JUNE 2017

Soft Go Live!