BioRegistra Enterprise

Capture and Validate Without Limitations.

BioRegistra enterprise is an end-to-end digitization solution that enables unlimited KYC biometric capture and ID validation on-the-go.

Here, you get unlimited access to every feature needed to make your project a success.

Enterprise Features

Signed SLA

Get measurable response and resolution time just as promised.

White Labelling

Incorporate your company brand and personalise the appearance of your Bioregistra App.

Enterprise Customer Support

Dedicated enterprise support team available to provide assistance via phone and email.

Customized Data Analytics

See your data the way you want and get only insights that suit your needs.

National ID / BVN Enrolment

Validate your data against a national database. Enrol and verify BVN or NIN on-the-go.

Custom Integrations & Workflow

Integrate seamlessly with your already existing process flow.

Custom Domain

Create branded links, forms, landing page and more that carry your brands’ insignia.


Create a virtual boundary to enable admins assign agents to specific location for data capture, the system detects when the agents tries to capture outside and flags the attempt.

Geo Location Capture

This feature allows the app retrieve and capture GPS cordinates of the location where a data was captured, these cordinates are used to display the capture address on the map.


Capture signatures electronically on a mobile device and store on database.


BVN Validation

This service checks the validity of a customer’s Bank Verification Number by doing a match with the BVN and the customer’s name, phone number or date of birth.

NIN Validation

This service is used to confirm the authenticity of a person’s National Identity Document Number.

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