Make Data-Driven Policies Enhance government processes
across all parastatals and projects.

Asset Enumeration

Carry out a comprehensive survey and collect details of all public and privately owned
assets across the country, states, and other geopolitical zones.
Create and configure mobile forms on BioRegistra with fields that relate to each project.


Deploy agents into urban and rural locations in different zones with BioRegistra mobile forms to capture all the buildings that are being inhabited by citizens.

Population Census

Perform census operations efficiently and quickly by using digital mobile forms to collect textual and biometric information of citizens of the country in any location.

mobile forms

Workforce Management

Nullify the threat of ghost-workers in government establishments by collecting the biometric details of government workers and matching them against the government’s database.

Land Inspection

Stock up government database with information of used and unused lands in any location, as well as details of their owners and what they are used for.

Digitize Government Documents

The most efficient governments across the globe rely on data-driven digital solutions to support a variety of policies that support the growth of the economy. With BioRegistra, government parastatals can convert all their paper documents into web and mobile documents with the ability to collect both textual and biometric information.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

Capture App available on Android and Windows