• Is there a cost for creating an account?

    No, signup is free! You also get 2 weeks of unlimited access to the software.

  • Where Can BioRegistra Be Used?

    BioRegistra can be used in any location, with or without internet connectivity.

  • What kind of captures can be done using BioRegistra?

    You can collect all kinds of information on the platform, including text, images, and fingerprints.

Account Usage

  • What do I do after creating an account?

    Once you’ve created an account on BioRegistra, you’re good to go on creating your first project, where you’ll configure all your capture requirements.

  • How Many Projects Can I Create in one Account?

    There is no limitation to the number of projects you can create on BioRegistra.

  • I have finished configuring my project, how do I capture?

    Create accounts for agents in the Manage User menu and assign them to your projects. To start capture. Then you and/or your agents can download the app from the Google PlayStore (especially if your agents will be using Android mobile devices). Click here for more on device specifications.


  • Do I need to pay any license/setup fees before using BioRegistra?

    No. Signing up on BioRegistra is completely free.

  • How do I pay for captures?

    There are various subscription plans on BioRegistra. Choose from one of these subscription plans and make payment accordingly.

  • What are the different activities I get charged for on BioRegistra?

    This is also based on the subscription plan chosen by you or your organization. Our plans are split into Essential, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.


  • Can I retrieve my data using APIs?

    Our set of APIs are readily available for exporting your data into third party platforms.

  • How do I integrate to your APIs?

    Integrating to our API is very easy. Access our set of APIs here.

  • Do I pay to integrate to an API?

    API integrations come as part of the package on all our subscription plans except the Essential plan.

If you have any further questions, send a mail to