Creating Forms, One Feature At A Time

We’ve built one of the world’s most powerful platform for digital forms and empowered you with everything you need to succeed when collecting, and using, data.
Features of Data Collection Software

Do The Basics

Build Forms Easily And Quickly

The form builder enables you to build forms on your own. Create forms quickly using our drag and drop feature to insert as many fields as you want.

Edit and Replace Fields

As requirements for your project increase or change, you can change or add more fields to be filled in your forms.

Use on Web & Mobile

Use your forms anywhere as BioRegistra can be used on both personal PCs and android smartphones.

Conditional Field Logics

Do more with your forms by creating forms with fields that are dependent on the entries of users. Hide the fields in your forms, only to appear when the logic demands it.

Features of Data Collection Software

Take Your Forms Out

Embed Forms In Websites

Insert forms in your websites and use them to collect information for processing your business transactions with clients.

API Integration & Data Export

View data reports in its raw form and readable formats, including pdfs and excel spreadsheets, all of which can be integrated into external platforms using straightforward APIs.

Share Links To Forms

Give form links to users so that they can fill from wherever they are in the world and submit as soon as they are done. The submitted forms sync to your backend immediately.

Location Based Forms

Create forms for different locations in your project scope. Your agents can choose these forms based on where they’re filling the forms.

Build Something Secure

Digital Signatures

Let users confirm consent on your forms using the electronic signature feature by simply creating a field for it on the form.

Cloud Storage

Your forms are secure and can always be accessed from any mobile device as it is stored away on the cloud.


Filter duplicate records using the fingerprint scanning feature, ensuring that data is never replicated across the platform.

Instant Data Synchronization

Forms filled on BioRegistra sync to the backend immediately they are saved on the platform, as long as there is internet connectivity.

Capture And Validation In One Place

BioRegistra lets you capture data in any form, including textual and biometric information. The validation feature allows you to match new data with what exists in your database already.

Be Unlimited

Data Analysis

Analyse records captured into the system using the analytics tool. BioRegistra lets you customize and view specific data you want analysed in the system.

Form Customization

BioRegistra can be made to look just like you. Customize the app and all your forms to fit with your brand, including your logos and preferred colours. It’s all in your hands.

Document Scanning

Scan and upload files on BioRegistra using the scanning feature. These include passports, IDs, and other supporting documents.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

Capture App available on Android and Windows