Acquire Customers On The Go

Keep up with the growing competition for customers
and make the banking process easier for bank staff
and customers by digitizing all your forms.

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Banking Services On The Go.

Bank staff, especially marketing executives can perform account opening activities and access all the bank’s forms from one single platform, converting customers quickly. Individuals immediately become active customers of the bank without necessarily stepping a foot into the bank.

Digitized banking forms

Digitize Bank Forms

From account opening forms to card renewal applications, POS terminal applications, cheque book request forms, and more, BioRegistra digitizes all the forms used by the bank and provides a single point of access for marketing executives and other stakeholders.

Increase Customer Conversion

Since the software is on their phones and tablets, sales executives don’t have to waste time and lose potential customers by inviting them to the office to fill forms or book later appointments. Instead, they can have them access and fill whatever documents they need by simply logging into the platform and opening accounts quickly.

Digitized banking forms

Manage Marketing Executives

BioRegistra’s agent management suite allows team leads and key decision makers to monitor and manage marketers in the bank’s different locations.

Open All Tier Accounts

With BioRegistra, marketing executives can open accounts for tier one, two, and three accounts without sweating on receiving supporting documents like valid means of IDs, passports, reference forms, etc. from customers. The platform lets bank officials and customers scan the documents in-app and added to the required fields.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

Capture App available on Android and Windows