Enhancing National Security with Digitization

Help your police force meet its security objective by adopting BioRegistra as a digital policing tool.

Centralization of Police Data

BioRegistra, as a robust data capture solution, enables all police stations within the country to use a platform that is centralized for managing all police-related activities.

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Integration to National Databases

BioRegistra is well set up to be integrated with different government databases, thereby allowing the police and other security agencies to tell who has been detained (or about to be detained) in any cell in the country.

Real-Time Crime Reports

With BioRegistra, reporting and addressing crimes can happen a lot quicker. Police officers can complete paperwork from any crime scene and have it updated in real-time for processing.

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Analytics For Security Decisions

.Police officers are able to analyze trends using the intelligence report generated on BioRegistra. The analytics of where and when crimes occur mostly, ensures that every opportunity to arrest a suspect or stop a crime is maximized.