Gather market intelligence to scale up sales and marketing performance with accurate data anywhere, anytime.

Create Intelligent Forms and

Capture Organic Data Even Offline

BioRegistra’s easy and flexible form builder will allow you to build intelligent web forms with custom fields peculiar to each capture project. Without limits, you can collect retail outlet information in diverse locations, even in remote locations with poor internet connectivity and carry out efficient analysis to stay informed.

Perform Routine Agile Inventory Monitoring

and Retail Audits / Inspection

Collect accurate information for suppliers about the health of your products from targeted retail outlets and measure success in the retail environment. Verify if products are in-stock at 3rd-party retailers and understand inventory in comparison to competitors.

Effectively Manage Field Agents

and Optimize Agents Operations

BioRegistra’s robust agent management portal allows you supervise deployed capture agents in real-time. This includes easy on-the-go communication and updates with field teams which will ensure everyone is on top of their game.

Effective Retail Census

and Detailed Store Analysis

Carry out the retail census with BioRegistra and gather information on all the retail outlets where your products are distributed to measure brand’s health in the retail market, key competition across regions and analyze to redirect focus on more profitable areas.

Understand Your Market Like Never Before

Gain full awareness of what’s going on in each retail space, including customer behavior and adoption level of the products in different geographical locations. Make decisions to improve on your market penetration strategy, market expansion and targeted market activation based on real-time geographical data.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

Capture App available on Android and Windows