Conduct enumeration of people and assets in
the power sector using digital forms.


Address Electricity Fraud

With the illegalities encountered by firms during power distribution, BioRegistra enables you to carry out an enumeration of all customers in different locations, using its online and offline forms.

Asset Inspection & Registration

Gain insights and make data-driven decisions by observing a location-wide registration of utilities, from power lines to electricity metres in different households. Your can also create endless fields in the forms and empower your agents to register the status of all of these assets.
Online Form Software

Increase Financial Gains

Power distributing firms are known to lose a lot of money from by-passing of electric meters and other household activities. Digital enumeration with BioRegistra ensures that this is quickly addressed and reversed into profit for companies.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

Capture App available on Android and Windows