Pensions Registration and KYC Onboarding
With Speed and Compliance

One robust platform to capture KYC details of micro pensions contributors including cross-border individuals, collect unique identifiers, and access unlimited capture agents nationwide.

Capture All Kinds of Information

Collect all kinds of data, including textual and biometrics like images and fingerprints which comply with the standard FBI AFIS certification, WSQ format and NFIQ score. BioRegistra performs quality checks to ensure the data meets the requirements set by pension regulatory bodies.

Capture All Kinds of Information with Bioregistra
Unlimited Number of Agents Nationwide

Unlimited Number of Agents Nationwide

The “Agent Management” feature on BioRegistra allows PFAs to choose numerous individuals who would assist in capturing contributors’ details in different locations. Admins can see a real-time overview of the data capture/ registration activities as carried out by these agents.

Capture Contributors Details in Internet Dead Zones

BioRegistra’s offline feature allows agents to capture data successfully offline. This means participants in remote locations where internet is either unstable or unavailable can be included. Captured data is stored on the device and synced seamlessly when internet connectivity is detected.

Bioregistra allows agents to capture data successfully offline
electronic platform for data submission

Enable Electronic Submissions and Clients’ Details Updates

BioRegistra provides an electronic platform for the submission of requests by Pension Fund Administrators for the registration of unique contributors and issuance of PINs. PFAs can also carry out bio-data updates and edits of clients’ information on the National Data Bank.

Collect and Authenticate Unique Identifiers

BioRegistra provides an interface with the National Identity Database for the authentication of NIN and BVN for individuals seeking to register under the Contributory Pension Scheme.


Capturing on mobile just became

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