Whatever your needs for digital forms are, our flexible subscription plans are tailored for all kinds of organizations.


(14 Days Free Trial)
  • Textual Capture
  • Image Capture
  • Offline Capture
  • Basic Reporting and Analytics
  • Re-enrolment/Captured Data Update
  • Email alert
  • Unlimited Mobile Data Captures
  • eSignature
Multiple Project Creation : 5
Submissions from Web Form : 500/month
Storage size : 5GB


Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • Fingerprint Capture
  • Regional Data Hosting
  • API Integration
  • View Capture location on map
  • I.D Card Printer Plugin
  • Fingerprint Scan and Match
Multiple Project Creation : 20
Submissions from Web Form : 1000/month
Storage size : 20GB


Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Capture Data Barcode Generator
  • SDK integration for agent facing app
  • BioRegistra Kiosk Mode
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Multiple Project Creation : 50
Submissions from Web Form : 2000/month
Storage size : 100GB
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Drag and Drop From Builder
Conditional Field Logics
Unlimited Form Fields Clone Forms
Clone Forms
Get LatLong of captured data
Get DMS of captured data
Form Field Validation
Form Upload Validation
Required or Mandatory Fields
Passport Image Quality Check
Fingerprint Capture Quality Check
Uniqueness Check for Textual Capture
Pre-Capture Validation Using Pre-Identifier
Multi-Page Forms
Textual/Demographic Capture
Image Capture
Automatic Data Synchronization
Offline Capture
Draft Saving Feature
File Scanning
File Upload
Data Preview Before Save on Clients
Searchable Dropdowns in Forms
Data Re-enrolment (Update)
Location Enabled Forms
Kiosk Mode
Data View on Portal
Reports (view and export)
Captured Data Chart Builder
Captured Data Summary
Project Dashboard
Multi Project Creation (From Templates and New)
User Creation and Management
Form Templates
Composite Unique ID for Project
Project Form Link Sharing On Web
Client Data Deletion Remotely From Portal
Submission Deadline
Data Storage Space
Mobile, Web and Desktop Friendly Forms
Multi Data Capture Support (Android, Windows, Portal)
Submission Notification
Email Alerts
Send User Submitted Data
SSL Forms
GDPR Compliant
HTTPS Communication
Roles and Managed User Access
Add Logo to Forms
Custom Record Naming (eg for ID Purpose)
Form Embed on External Websites
Customer Support Phone Line Support
In App Support Chat
Online Help Centre
Online FAQ
On-Demand Product Demo
Email Support
Enterprise Grade SLA
Flexible ID Card Template Builder
Seamless Print of ID Card from Printer App
Fingerprint Identification
Fingerprint Verification
Integration to API to Retrieve Captured Data
Integration to API to Create, Update and Delete Pre-identifiers
Selection from any BioRegistra Regional Hosting Option
Data Backup and Management
Fingerprint capture
Fingerprint capture quality checks
Capability to capture using 4-4-2 Fingerprint scanner (IbKojak, Futronic)
Multi Fingerprint scanner support (Huifan, Futronic, IB Columbo)
Search for records directly on the map
View details of captureds on a map
Captured Data Barcode Generation (2D)
Captured Data Barcode Generation (3D)
SDK Integration for Agent Facing App
SDK Integration Tech Support
Consultation on data hosting options
Data migration services

Extra Features

Optional Add-ons

  • Personalization and Whitelabelling (Form Themes and Layout, Custom CSS, Form Colours, Custom Redirect URL)
  • SDK Integration for existing Customer Facing Mobile App (Self-Service)
  • SMS alerts
  • BVN validation during data capture
  • Additional storage
  • Fingerprint data Deduplication

Optional Verification Services

ID Verification

  • National ID (NIMC) NIN
  • Voters’ Card (INEC)
  • Drivers’ License (FRSC)

ID Verification

  • Face to ID (with Human Review)

Address Verification

  • Address Validation and Verification


Capturing on mobile just became

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Capture App available on Android and Windows