Pension Fund Administrators

Speed Up Your Contributor Registration Process

Take your KYC operations to the next level by adopting BioRegistra for registering the biometric details of your contributors in any location.

Capture All Kinds of Customer Information

Collect all kinds of data, including text and biometrics. These biometric data include images and fingerprints which comply with the standard FBI WSQ format and NFIQ score.

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Use Unlimited Number of Agents

The “Agent Management” feature on BioRegistra allows you to choose individuals (as much as you want) who would assist in capturing your contributors’ details in different locations.

Verify the Quality of Pictures and Fingerprints

Perform quality checks on images and fingerprints of captured individuals. BioRegistra enables you to convert these to the standard WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization) format.

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Monitor with the Management Dashboard

BioRegistra’s agent management suite allows team leads and key decision makers to monitor and manage marketers in the bank’s different locations.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

Capture App available on Android and Windows