Reach your various outlets and get powerful sales insights.

Increase Market Share With Powerful Insights

Improve on your market penetration strategy with decisions based on real-time data.
Reach your retail outlets anywhere by using BioRegistra digital forms to collect outlet
information and analyse business performance in these locations as measured against your
competition and overall business objectives.

sales insights

Understand Your Market Like
Never Before

Carry out retail census with BioRegistra and gather information on all the retail outlets where your products are distributed. Have a full awareness of what’s going on in each retail space, including customer behaviour and adoption level of the products in different geographic locations.

Make Faster Business Decisions

BioRegistra’s geolocation feature allows decision makers to see agents in real-time on a map as they fill forms in different locations. Your business can ultimately make quick decisions on which distribution channels require more marketing energy.


Meet Your Retailers in Every Location

If your FMCG has an extensive base of retail outlets in many locations, including rural areas where there’s no internet connectivity, BioRegistra lets you collect data regardless. This is because the platform works online and offline and allows for non-stop retail census and quick completion of projects.

Detailed Store Analysis

The BioRegistra analytics tool provides businesses with full reports on the demographics of outlets in
different locations, which can be represented on graphs and charts. Reports include purchase
frequency in all stores, operating days of stores, types of stores and their locations, etc.

Capturing on mobile just became

quick, easy & reliable.

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