Choosing The Best Time Clock Systems for Small Businesses
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Choosing The Best Time Clock Systems for Small Businesses

by Seamfix

Are you the proud owner of a small business? Congratulations, you’ve made it thus far and would want to get to even greater heights. However, having employees that do not show up can take the business several steps backward.

Like this honest fellow, Mr. John Doe, who owns a chain of boutiques situated in two locations both far apart by 5000 miles. He works at the headquarters and has two shop attendants deftly manning the other branch — or so he thinks. So it’s Friday afternoon, 2:36 pm and Jane signs out from her shift on the attendance booklet stating she left at exactly 3 pm and goes further to sign in for Bob the second attendant as he had called earlier to say he was on his way. Jane locks the boutique up, goes away and Bob never shows up. There were to be parties on Saturday as always, and expectant customers trooped to the building to shop propelled by a vivid OPEN sign, only to be stopped short by a tightly bolted door. Meanwhile, from Mr. John Doe’s conversation with Bob over the phone, Bob is sitting in the boutique and sales are slow. Bob even sends a picture of the store with no customers -one he took two days ago- to further buttress his lie. By the end of the month, profit will be low, Bob and Jane will be paid and customers will be lost.

No amount of marketing strategy can solve the problem of low sales if lateness and absenteeism are at the root. The one solution is to invest in time clock systems for small businesses – A solution that automates the process of tracking time and attendance of employees to easily monitor punctuality and presence.

What to look for…

Based on the needs of small businesses, the best time clock systems must meet the following criteria:

Affordable without compromising on quality.

A mobile solution that eliminates hardware installation costs.

Cater to the needs of business owners with numerous branches.

Have features that enable employees to register lunch breaks, shifts, emergency leaves and more.

Enable business owners to supervise both full-time employees and contingent workforces.

Automated reporting, so there is no need to hire extra labor and workload is less.

Why iClocker is The Perfect Solution.

iClocker is the best suited time clock systems for small business owners in every sector to manage the time and attendance of employees across multiple branches. This mobile solution simplifies workforce management by automating the process so that business owners do not need to hire extra labor to manage time and attendance and admin duties are alleviated.

iClocker is packed full with features required to solve all time and attendance needs; It is a flexible mobile solution which eliminates the cost of hardware installation. It boasts of a facial recognition system which verifies employees identities on-the-go leaving no room for impersonation. A geo-tagging feature that pinpoints the exact location of employees to ensure no one clocks in at a wrong location. An emergency clock-out feature so that employers can know when an employee is unavailable and why.

Here are SIX more reasons why your business needs iClocker;  

  1. Affordable Without Compromising on Productivity:  iClocker’s pricing is flexible enough to fit any small business owners’ budget. Even more, employers can test the solution with FREE unlimited access for 14 days.
  2. Multiple Locations, One Solution: iClocker as a mobile solution allows employees clock in/out using their smartphones from any location assigned to them by the admin. So small business owners with numerous branches planted across the world can easily supervise employees without moving an inch.
  3. Single Device, Multiple Users: iClocker goes further to make provisions for small businesses with employees who do not have supporting OS smartphones. The company can have one central mobile device (tablet or smartphone) where all employees can clock in and out.
  4. No Internet, No Problem: Whether there’s internet connectivity or not, iClocker allows employees successfully clocking in and out. Therefore, small business owners do not need to top up data for employees.
  5. Automated and Simplified: With iClocker about 75% of the work is done by the solution and user experience is simplified so that users are conversant with the app after a single onboarding process.
  6. Centralized Real-time Reports: iClocker automatically generates individual reports in real-time for all members of staff in different branches. Admins can easily view their dashboards to filter punctuality and absent status. More so, employees get a view of their attendance status on their dashboard.

Now that you know, make supervising time and attendance of your employees one less thing to worry about and save yourself the brutal cost of absenteeism. Get started now with iClocker FREE by clicking here.