Beauty + Brains: Seamfix Mentors Young Ladies to be Tech Geniuses
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Beauty + Brains: Seamfix Mentors Young Ladies to be Tech Geniuses

by Seamfix

“As a young lady in tech, what app/product/service would you build to change the world?”

Fueled by our ardent motivation to make a lasting impact on society, we recently mentored a group of ladies for the Queen Varsity Afrika Beauty + Brains competition – a reality television show that provides the right platform for beautiful and intelligent young ladies to unlock their innate potentials and talent.

Our team traveled to Abeokuta to meet the contestants and share from our wealth of tech knowledge. The lecture was anchored by our chief software architect, Nnanna Madu. He started by explaining the history of information technology, comparing the pre and post era and going into its merits.

He encouraged the ladies to embrace technology and its ability to solve almost every problem that presents in this global era.

After lecturing, he gave the ladies an assignment – they each had 30 minutes to think of an idea that they could solve with IT after which they had a 3 minutes presentation detailing the problem(s) and solution. The ladies were exceptional.


Seamfix (as a brand and a collection of people); we have made it our goal to equip individuals to be all round problem-solvers and creative outside-the-box-thinkers.

We say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and to Queen Varsity Afrika for having us.