Automating Intake Forms for Patient Onboarding
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Automating Intake Forms for Patient Onboarding

by Seamfix

How do you currently schedule meetings with your clients?  How much do you know about your
clients before their first appointment with you? These are some of the questions that digital intake forms answer for you as a doctor or health specialist.

Now, we often hear people say that, “first impressions last longer”. This is especially the case for hospitals and healthcare facilities, where people are sensitive to relationships. And the ease with these things occur.

In this light, a lot of things can help firm up this first experience with your patients, one of which are digital intake forms for patient onboarding.

What’s your patient onboarding process like?

With both eyes closed, anyone who has been to the hospital before can already guess that all-too familiar (and otherwise stressful) clipboard that doctors use in onboarding patients.



Unclear handwritings…

There’s a general joke in certain parts of the world that one of the many requirements for becoming a doctor is to have a bad handwriting.

While it is mostly an anecdote, drawing the reality from it presents us with an hindrance to patient onboarding. Which is how obstructive, unclear handwritings can be an hindrance to communication through paper forms.

With a simple font that is clear to all reading parties, digital intake forms can eradicate this handwriting problem during onboarding.

The Emergency Room Syndrome…

Here, we refer to the need for patients to use a medical facility and they’re already burdened by the forms they fill when they get on-site. Talk about adding to the headache. Literally.

As it is, patients in a rush, can fill paper forms without taking note of some important things. Because all that’s on their mind is to get treated quickly. But with digital intake forms, it is clear to them what needs to be filled. Especially since a form would naturally not submit if certain required medical fields are incomplete or unfilled.

Speeding Up Patient Onboarding with Digital Intake Forms

All of the above that we discussed, as downsides to paper forms, imply certain complications. These include the drawn-out process of onboarding patients, errors that come with bad and unclear handwriting, and so on.

Patient intake doesn’t have to be so tedious when there’s a simple way to digitize your own intake forms using BioRegistra.

BioRegistra takes care of needs like this by helping you transform all your paper forms into digital forms that both you and your patients would find very interesting. Your intake form also retains the look and feel of your hospital’s brand.

Signatures are also taken into consideration in BioRegistra’s digital forms. This way, your patients can sign their consent while they fill the intake forms. Easy peasy!

After all’s been said and done, it doesn’t end with intake forms, as there are several medical forms to be filled by patients in an hospital. BioRegistra eats all of the paper forms and turns them to solid digital forms that can be taken, and filled, anywhere.

Would you like to create your own digital intake form? There’s a template already. Start here.