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COVID-19: Paving The Way for Innovation and Financial Inclusion

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Some months back, everyone was hit with a pandemic not experienced before in a long while, affecting a lot of businesses and families. The Corona Virus a.k.a COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely.

Who would have thought that there will be a day we will be isolated in our homes or have curfews going out and back? Who would have thought that companies will be forced to implement remote working models, or have most companies closed down permanently due to the effect of the pandemic? Who would have thought that banks will not be open for operations or change opening hours from 10 am to 2 pm only to key customers?

These questions and more come to mind. For what it’s worth, this has taught Nigeria (and the world at large) a lesson to always be ready for any crisis at any given time.

COVID-19 is a test of time for many and most especially the financial sector. More recently, the focus of the Federal Government has been to drive financial inclusion and deepen the penetration of financial services in places that are underbanked and unbanked. Now, with the emergence of the pandemic, this makes it even harder; people keeping a physical distance from each other thereby making it hard to bank more unbanked people.

Now the critical question is how do we achieve financial inclusion despite the pandemic, as Covid-19 cases increase daily and nothing can be predicted right now because policies, strategies, and laws will be affected as well.

This impact of Covid19 has reduced the need to frequently visit the banking hall to perform basic transactions, one day you might just wake up and realize that the banks could be closed for the meantime or just opened for less than the hour that it is currently open for. In such a scenario, agent banking, comprising a network of banking agents who act as physical bank branches, is the answer.

What is agent banking?

Agent Banking means providing limited scale banking and financial services to the underserved population through engaged agents under a valid agency agreement, rather than a teller/ cashier. It is the owner of an outlet who conducts banking transactions on behalf of a bank.


The adoption of Agency banking will play an important role in the coming years for financial inclusion. Acting as “proxy banks”, agents will provide individuals and small businesses with the financial services they need to stimulate local development and economic growth.

Also due to this, the previously unbanked and underbanked customers now have easy access to a financial institution near them and The banks will be able to expand their customer base by onboarding new customers who were previously out of their reach.

Mobile Data capture and identity management solution for Agent banking.

It’s time to go digital!

Due to the COVID-19, it might be difficult for these agents to perform some KYC activities like they normally do. However, going digital will eliminate any atom of fear and stress. With a Data Capture and Identity Management platform, agency bankers can easily perform their KYC activities hassle-free. This way data is managed efficiently and allows the agents to perform multiple tasks with ease.

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Data management – Why It Matters and Why It is Important We Get It Right amid Covid-19

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Ensuring Data Trust This Period

The word Data is not just a buzzword, it is something we live and breathe. It is basically everywhere and all around us. We live in a digital world where continually created and captured. With digitalization on the rise around the world, many services are becoming more and more data-driven.

Data has become one of any organization’s most valuable assets – almost every organization uses it for decision making and gets valuable insights that could help them improve products, services, productivity, and customer experience. 

Hence the need for a comprehensive understanding of the collated data, as this will determine the compliance standards to strive for. We understand that data creation and collection can be a daunting task but it is important to note that organizations must lay the right data management foundation now so that they neither get overwhelmed by big data challenges nor fumble the opportunity to drive their business forward. 

The pandemic


Covid-19 has changed business as we know it and the entirely unprecedented crisis has forced many companies to move to a ‘work-from-home’ model, at a scale that no one planned for. 

Due to the pandemic, companies face pressure from all sides, both from their customers, employees, and the company itself as a whole which has pushed them to sort for better approaches, strategies, and processes that will ease the effect of the crisis.  This pandemic, undoubtedly, will have a ripple effect on the business operations, most especially data capture and management of customer data.

Lockdown measures have necessitated a need to work from home to stop the spread of Covid-19, which is a good thing, but the reality is that some companies might not be able to carry on with their usual business activities; some might have tools used to manage data stationed at the office; some might have decentralized platforms where data is stored which will hinder them from getting sufficient data for a particular purpose; while others might have network issues and so not be able to capture necessary data at the expected time. All of these will have negative effects, one of such can include the mismanagement of data which will give hackers the avenue to compromise data.

It is important that companies are aware of the potential risks and threats to their data so as to ease some of these concerns and gain some insider perspectives and do their research.

BioRegistra vs the Crisis 

BioRegistra is a mobile digitization solution that enables individuals and organizations to convert all kinds of paper forms into digital forms, enhancing the collection of data for business processes. 

With BioRegistra, businesses in every industry can collect different categories of information, including textual and biometric data, and ultimately enhance the running of day-to-day organizational activities.

Noting that BioRegistra is very flexible as it meets every customer’s requirement and adds value to their desired output.

Here are some Unique Value propositions BioRegistra has to offer to companies  during the pandemic: 

  • Mobile: 

While the pandemic still exists and the lockdown is yet to be relaxed fully, BioRegistra as a mobile solution will make it easy for optimum accessibility via a mobile device. This way, you (and your agents) can collect information in any location.

  • Online and offline functionality

Most companies have exhausted data during this pandemic or some suffer poor internet connectivity. With BioRegistra, whether you are connected to the internet or not, BioRegistra is always readily available for data collection. As soon as your internet returns, it synchronizes into the backend.

  • Centralization of forms

This allows for data protection. If your organization operates a lot of forms, BioRegistra will enable you to centralize all of them in one system where they can always be accessed, anytime and anywhere on a mobile device.

  • Real-time access to data

BioRegistra makes it possible for you to collect information and use it immediately to make data-driven decisions for your business.

With all the enabling features of BioRegistra, it is easy to say the crisis has got nothing on the solution.

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In Brief: Products and the Pandemic Virtual Event

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As the lockdown continues in countries around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are confined to their homes and most businesses are choosing to go virtual, there’s never been a better time to take the conversation online- from virtual meetings to webinars to online meetups and conferences. 

Last week – on the 9th of April – Seamfix in collaboration with Product Manager Africa, hosted the first-ever virtual event titled ‘The Products and the Pandemic: the Post COVID Realities of how Companies Manage and Innovate Solutions.’

The event brought together a line-up of 4 product minds from  Seamfix, Andela, Copper, and to lead the conversation, and over 60 delegates from all around the world to propel them.

If you were unable to make the event or just want a refresher, we have put together a quickfire summary of our highlights from the day. Take a look. 



The virtual event started off with our host Deborah Babudoh (Corporate communications executive) as she gave a brief intro on what the event will be focused on as well as strategies and implementation during this period. 

Our first speaker/presenter Funmilola Aderemi (Project Manager, Seamfix) highlighted the effects of the pandemic on products while elaborating on the Good, Bad, and the pivoting. 

She went further to explain the 5R’s all product managers should take note of this COVID-19 period. 

Resolve– Address the immediate challenges that COVID-19 presents to institutions workforce, customers, technology, and business partners

Resilience– Address  challenges and broader resiliency issues during virus-related shutdowns and economic knock-on effects

Return – Create a detailed plan to return the business to scale quickly as COVID-19 situation evolves and knock-on effects become clearer

Re-imagination– Reimagine the next normal: what a discontinuous shift looks like and how institutions should reinvent.

Reform– Be clear about how regulatory and competitive environments in the industry may shift. 

To conclude her presentation, by suggesting that project managers be poised to strategize along 3 discussed components (identity, collaborate, and innovate) to ensure products outlive the pandemic.

After this, we went straight to the panel session; Our panelists —  Tosin Amusan (Co-founder and business learn for, Tobi Otokiti (Product manager, Andela and also the founder of ProductDive), Sefunmi Osinaike (product manager, copper) and finally Funmilola Aderemi (Product manager, Seamfix) — were asked pertinent questions as regards the subject matter.

Some of the questions echoed on traits/behaviors product managers should expect from their product users, things that PMs should prioritize in their products, strategies that can be implemented to improve product relevance, coping with the impact of covid19 on products and offerings, and many more. 

The session ended with a question and answer session where the audience got to ask questions bothering them and other suggestions and recommendations based on real-life scenarios. 

It was an interesting and insightful session! Want to know more?

Click here and use this password (6q*%7?g.) to listen and be a part of the wonderful experience! 

What You Need To Know: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

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The world health organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus (Covid-19) a global pandemic, and along with the rest of the world, we’ve been concerned about the rapid spread of the virus and its effect on the country as a whole.


What really is coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illnesses.


As COVID-19 makes its way across the globe and with everything happening, a lot of people might find it very hard to make critical decisions and perhaps have a lot of questions going through their minds- who to invent the vaccine, when this pandemic will end, where to run to? why it’s taken so long to evacuate affected countries and what to do today about the current situation. I call these the 5w’s of Covid-19. These questions and even more are yet unanswered. 

At Seamfix, we are closely monitoring the situation and will like to share our response and preventive measures put in place to ensure the safety of our clients, employees and overall business.

Here are our safety plans for YOU and US

  1. Non-stop Service and Product Delivery: We will work tirelessly to ensure that all our products and services function as usual without any inconvenience or delay. We are best positioned to continue delivering high-quality services and experiences.
  2. Available Customer Service: Feel free to contact us via email and phone call. Kindly note that our Customer Success Team will only be available to pick up chats and phone calls at the usual time (8 am – 5 pm).
  3. Business Continuity: You can trust that business will go on seamlessly. We assure you that Seamfix has effective contingency plans for future emergencies, just like this.
  4. Postponed Activities: We have deferred all our business travels and upcoming events in affected countries for the time being.
  5. Remote Work Schedules: As a precautionary measure, we have incorporated remote and flexible work schedules into our daily work routine. This we did to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors.
  6. Healthy Work Environment: We have done a lot in this regard;
  • We are enforcing frequent hand washing habits or use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers which we have installed in strategic locations.
  • Employees are mandated to stay home when they feel unwell or self-isolate for 14 days if they have been to a country with high confirmed cases. 
  • We carry out regular temperature checks using sensors at all entry points. Anyone with heightened temperature will be given immediate medical attention.
  • We are ensuring crowd control and social distancing in our various outlets. 


Here’s what you should do

  1. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.
  2. Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  3. Practice respiratory hygiene and also, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  4. Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. 
  5. Stay informed on the latest developments about COVID-19 and follow the advice given by your healthcare provider.


We understand these are challenging and sometimes frightening times but we encourage everyone to promote preparedness, positivity and erase potential panic. 


We believe we will fight through this!

BioSmart: Background Cleanup That Goes Beyond The Norm

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In the SIM registration sphere, pictures are considered important, and that is why there are rules and specifications a captured image must obey or meet for it to be accepted as good. One of such is that a picture must have a uniform and undisruptive background that doesn’t distract attention away from the picture.

To achieve this, one would need to get all subscribers to take their pictures in front of a plain backdrop. But this isn’t always possible as it removes the flexibility factor, leading to a stressful onboarding which might discourage people. A better way to do it is to have a platform that does something called a background clean up.

What is background clean up and why?

Background clean-up basically involves identifying a foreground (in this case a human) and extracting the background, usually with the aim of replacing the background with a plain white colour.

Biosmart as a robust portal that enables SIM registration with utmost compliance, leverages this capability to further optimize the SIM registration process. The idea is to enable users to capture images on different backgrounds and still ensure the captured images end up having a steady background. The reason is to help reduce clients’ worries over noisy backgrounds and also make the data capture uniform, all in a bid to enforce regulatory compliance.

On BioSmart, this feature sits well on a Deep Learning Model of Object Segmentation to analyze the background of an image, carefully crop out the non-uniform background and impose a plain white background without impacting the picture of the user. This takes effect immediately an image is captured. 

Besides the obvious benefit of allowing for a uniform and a globally compliant image capture, this feature also automates the entire business process by increasing the pace at which the team of agents carry out biometric capture for faster customer onboarding.

This feature can also be used in an offline mode so users do not need to worry about picture quality during registration in locations with poor internet connectivity.

A Quest to Tackle Ghost Worker Syndrome in Oyo State

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Seamfix partners with a foremost audit firm, Messers. Sally Tibbot Consulting Ltd, to tackle ghost worker syndrome in Oyo State.


Today, payroll fraud perpetrated by people who appear on a company’s payroll but don’t actually work for the company, infamously called “ghost workers”, continues to drain incredible sums of money from the Nigerian civil service.

Various methods like the BVN, Treasury Single Account (TSA) and the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) have been employed to check the syndrome, out of which federal government agencies have recently rolled out related hair-raising figures, of ‘ghost workers’ identified or removed from payrolls of organisations.



To this effect, the Oyo State Governor, GOV. Seyi Makinde, made an announcement that his administration would begin the process of verifying workers that receive payment from the State. According to him, a verification exercise will be carried out to ensure that there is no fraud in the state civil service payroll system. 

This vision is to enable the state to save money and caters for the welfare of her workers and in general, people in the state. To help with this exercise, the Oyo state government has earmarked the BioRegistra solution to help verify, capture and store all her workers’ information. 


The exercise in partnership with Sally Tibbot Consulting is expected to last for 3 months, will see that all Civil workers mandatory visit the registration center to get their details, including their BVN,  captured unto the application.


The BioRegistra application, which has a mobile capture application, a Windows Desktop application, and an administrative back-end web portal, will allow the Oyo state capture agents to enrol the Civil workers’ information into the system; information like their Personal information, fingerprints, their portrait, and some supporting documents. The system will also verify their BVN information to eliminate payment frauds and will check for multiple registrations, thereby eliminating any form of “ghost workers”.





And The Most Innovative Company Of The Year Goes To….

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Once again, the Nigeria Technology Awards has recognized Seamfix for yet another category of awards as the “Most Innovative Company of the Year” in 2019.





The Nigeria Technology Awards (NITA) is an annual event to celebrate and reward technology entrepreneurs, technology professionals, corporate organizations, innovators, etc. The event is aimed at building a large scale and internationally recognized technology awards in Nigeria.





This is an exciting win for us crowning our relentless efforts to build cutting-edge technology solutions that enable millions of people and businesses to achieve more daily.





Since 2016, we have been nominated in a number of NITA Awards categories and won several of them, consecutively, including; I.T Services & Support Company of the year, Tech Company of the year,  Software Development Company of the year, Tech Innovation project of the year and many more.




In addition, this year’s category also recognized our Managing Director, Mr Chimezie Emewulu, as the ‘Most Enterprising Tech Entrepreneur of the year”. This is his personality second award from the stables of NITA.





We are sure glad to add these current awards to our teeming shelves. These accolades, we dedicate to our clients and customers, the reasons why we do what we do. Thank you, and cheers to more wins.





Here’s to many more milestones to come!

Primary Data Collection: How to Get Started!

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In a world ruled by data, where every profitable decision is always backed by the right kind of data, where the use of wrong data can send even a nation crashing down, emphasis should be laid on the nitty-gritty of collecting clean and veritable data as required.


Data collection is simply the method of gathering quantitative and qualitative information to glean useful insights. It sounds simple when defined, but in theory, this process can be stressful and still be futile for informed decision-making process if done wrong. To begin, you would need to be certain of the category of data you need — that is primary data or secondary data. 

Primary data is data collected from first-hand sources by the person in need of the data and for the reason “it is needed”. This differs from Secondary data which is data collected by someone else for some other purpose and to be used by another person for yet another purpose. The major differences between these two are the various ways they are collected and the sources (who collects the data).

Methods of collecting primary data


As raw, untapped information from a direct source, primary data has a higher likelihood of being accurate, more secure and useful in its entirety. Also, primary data opens the investigator to the possibility of obtaining additional data when needed.

The methods often employed to collect these data are;

  • Surveys (Web survey, one-on-one survey, Mail survey, etc.)
  • Questionnaires
  • Field Observations (Passive or Active )
  • Interviews (Focus Group, personal interview, open interview, etc.)
  • Experiments
  • Case studies

As someone who has set out to collect primary data on any scale and for whatever reason, you should know some popular negative views on the primary data collection process. For one, it is largely seen as expensive as it involves a fresh start. Also, for that same reason, the process is considered time-consuming and even impossible on a nationwide scale. 

The advantages, however, outweigh the perceived disadvantages, especially the unique capability of primary data to solve specific problems, unlike secondary data. Hence, because of the many advantages, people are leaning solely towards primary data to make data-driven decisions, even on a national scale. 

A recent example would be the latest directive by the President of Nigeria to make use of primary data for economic planning. This is to empower the government to make better decisions backed by data and to keep them abreast with the progress or futility of economic initiatives applied. To this effect, the president has set up an Economic Advisory Council (EAC) to champion the collection of primary data useful to proffer solutions to move the country and economy forward. This has set in motion the need for the different stakeholders in Nigeria to begin gathering primary data within a given time frame.

How to get started


Here’s how to get started with primary data collection;

  • First, clearly define the objective of the data you need to capture. This will enable you to make the right choice on the tool that will ensure a successful data capture project.
  • Next, identify the exact type of data you need. This will further prepare you to filter through the noise and get only the necessary primary data. This will also guide you in sifting through numerous sources.
  • Next, determine the various data requirements. By doing this, you can know where you need to source for the data and deduce the limitations you might encounter. It also gives you clarity into planning for the data transport, security measures and storage. 

It should be noted that primary data collection when done digitally offers impressive speed, accuracy, good turnaround time and scalability.


How Seamfix can help


Globally recognized as a tech giant in the data collection and identity management space, Seamfix is dedicated to powering the process of primary data collection, by offering a robust mobile platform that guarantees seamless, end-to-end data capture with speed, either online and offline.

Seamfix has successfully powered primary data collection across the nation with our platform. Our track record ranges from telcos to government institutions to private organisations with over 20 successful nationwide primary data capture projects and over 110 million primary data captured nationwide. Primary data collected on our platform have been used for diverse purposes including; to successfully enumerate statewide civil servants and eliminate ghost workers, register mobile subscribers nationwide, carry out a nationwide retail census, and so much more.

The Seamfix platform offers the following enabling features;

1. Flexible Form builder

Easily build responsive forms to suit your chosen method of collection —  be it surveys, questionnaires, observations and so on — and collect any type of first-hand data needed to make decisions. The forms can be modified to collect notes from interviews, focus groups of field observation consecutively. 


2. Mobile capture

Make use of any mobile device (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.) to collect information needed from any location. This allows for flexibility as there will be no need to carry heavy devices or worse, tons of paper-based forms from location to location.


3. Offline Capture

Capture data in internet-dead zones enabled by the offline capabilities of our platforms. This will allow for maximum inclusion especially for nation-wide primary data collection projects where agents are deployed to remote areas, or in continents like Africa where internet connectivity is poor.


4. Access to capture agents

Successfully carry out nationwide capture with access to a pool of ready-to-use, trained agents. The platform also offers an agent management portal that will allow for real-time monitoring of deployed agents to ensure they are doing as told.


5. Pictures and location evidence

Get pictorial and geographical proof of the data collected. The location feature goes beyond to allow you fence your agents in a particular location so they are restricted to capture data only in the location assigned to them. This also allows for utmost compliance.


6. Real-time reporting

The platform offers an intuitive dashboard interface for advanced reporting and analytics in real-time. The captured data immediately syncs with the admin’s system so you can see everything as it is happening. With this, you can know where your data archive is lacking and make quick decisions to capture more data while the agents are still in the field.


7. Data compliance and security

We ensure that every data collected on our platform meets regulatory standards with compliant background checks during the process of data capture. Our platform also allows for connection to existing databases to verify biometric data when necessary. Our security measures transcend to the data in whatever state it is — at rest or in transit — upholding GDPR and NDPR regulations.


8. Easy integration

Do you already have a standard workflow process or a working application that doesn’t offer quite enough? Our platform allows for easy integration into third-party systems and processes, thereby maintaining your data repository and ensuring everything can be done in your environment. 


Now that’s primary data collection powered by one mobile solution. No more wild estimates, no more assumptions, start collecting clean and verified primary data with the Seamfix platform.

To request a demo call +234-1-342- 9192 or send us a mail at



6 Tips for Designing Visually Communicative Creatives for Maximum Engagement

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By Ejik Ebuta & Moses Richoffor

Finny, my dog, somehow discovered that the only way to draw my attention to his belly was to walk around pushing his food bowl with his paw. It works! And he always got food whenever he was hungry. My best friend’s dog, Jao, sits and stares at you instead, trying to tell you she’s hungry. No one ever understood her, and somedays, she would go for almost 24 hours without food. Finny is better at communicating than Jao and that is why he gets what he wants when he wants it. He plans it!

Imagery is a key element in any form of communication. While it takes just 3 seconds to capture one’s attention using visuals, you need 7 seconds to do that with words. Statistics show that the attention span of most adults has decreased to about 12 minutes and is continually decreasing.

Children mostly read books with visual illustrations. No matter how sparsely distributed the images were, their motivation is to read as fast as they can just to see the next image. Likewise, in today’s world of evolving trends and digital communication, users are very sensitive to the visuals used for communications.

For maximum engagement, Visuals are the best way to communicate with users and customers. As communications experts, we have few tips for creating visual communication for maximum engagement;

1. Research and then create.

In creating effectively communicating visual content, you would need to ask and answer a series of questions including;
What design or visual style (form) do I want to go for? What specific emotion do I want to invite? What problem do I want my visual content to solve?— Design Trends and colour scheme.
Where will I be hosting my visual content? Can I use these visual elements across other media? — Communication Channel.
Who am I communicating to and where will I find them? Do I want to educate, entertain or inspire? What action do I want my audience to take? — Target audience.
Do the above align with my brand? What kind of questions are people asking about my industry? — Brandcentricity.
Once these questions are answered, you’re half-way there.

2. Choose the best design concept.

Before you make a conceptual decision, it wouldn’t hurt to first get inspiration. Pinterest, Behance, Dribble, Instagram, medium, Flipboard and Twitter are only a few among many platforms for visual concept inspiration. However, remember to always keep your design simple both in messaging and design style. LESS IS MORE in visual communication.

3. Consider the medium of deployment.

Traditional or outdoor media vary in size and style of design from that of digital media. Determining what media to use for your communication, however, is dependent on your target audience/segments, message and objective. The two key considerations are the visual communication forms, such as video, infographics, gif, image, audio or article, and the rules/guidelines for the media in use.

4. Maintain good alignment and arrangement

Arrangement and alignment are always underrated by many visual designers. Hence, understanding that your arrangement can make or mar the message in your design is key. Remember — the human eye reads from left to right and from biggest to smallest elements on the design layout. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Keep the audience on your page for longer than they would normally stay.

5. Pay attention to brand visibility

This is done by inputting your brand’s logo in a strategic position on the creative design and throw in your brand colour(s) and icons, depending on how you want the design to look. Nonetheless, ensure that whoever comes across the design knows who is sending the message to them.

6. Visual appeal is everything

Anything that looks good would attract people’s attention. Maintaining visual appeal is bringing aesthetic touches to your work, either by white space or whatever technique you choose. Make it beautiful.

In summary, good visual communication is art, and art can be mastered. Keep working and doing things better and you’ll keep getting better


Are you, or your organization passionate about data? collecting it? collating it? verifying it? analyzing it? then you are the kind of people we write for. Follow our publication, and you would gain knowledge on everything data, from the process of easy capture to the end goal of making data-driven decisions. Find out about our company SEAMFIX and how we solve big organizational issues with third-generation solutions HERE.
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Celebrating 12 Years of Innovation and Awesomeness!

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Wow! A decade and 2 years has been an incredible and wonderful ride, no doubt with some ups and downs. For us, our anniversary goes beyond any kind of celebration, but a subtle reminder and true evidence of 12 years innovation, 12 years continuous existence, 12 years awesomeness, 12 years agile-problem solving, 12 years building award-winning solutions, 12 years of making dreams come true and impacting millions of African people and businesses to achieve more daily, now that’s a good way to celebrate!. 



On this note Seamfix turned 12 years on the 19th of October and it was celebrated in Grand style for two days. 

Day 1 was themed with a dress code “REPRESENT YOUR STATE” as to recognize our roots (AFRICA) of which our company was birthed from. All Seamfixers came glamorously dressed in their traditional attires representing various tribes in Africa. Not leaving behind our traditionally decorated red carpet where all seamfixers were paparazzied. 

The event was hosted by our very own seamfixer Ifiok Udoh Manager, Technical Operations and the celebrations kicked off with an opening remark by our Executive director of Seamfix, Chibuzor Onwurah, he began with the reason Seamfix was founded and its continuous objective in impacting society through our cutting-edge solutions. 


The day moved on with many other great performances  by our employees, We had various game activities like Chineese whisper, kahoot and many more….



We also had a dance performance by our very own Seamfixer Stanley Enumah, it was mind blowing seeing him do that flip!


Talking about the the best runway models at seamfix, we had a fashion show crowning our “LOLO” and “IGWE” of Seamfix. 

Okhiaofe Ivharue (Corporate Communications) and Nnanna Madu (Head, Engineering)


We also had another rendition by our Poet Moses Richoffor , who wrote a poem about Seamfix, take a look…. 

This is not a poem, this is a thread, The narrow thread of speed,

Those heartbeats as deadlines peep. The late nights, brags and struggles.

A thread on brilliant Seamfixers sworn to a quest, To seek solutions, and capture an essence.

A mash of achievements built on endless work culture,meetings, ideas and creativity… all yours.

This is not a poem, this is a celebration, Of mini gods who dared to create the future.

A decade and 2 years of delivering solutions, And many more excellent years yet to capture.

Happy 12th Anniversary to Seamfix.


We couldn’t get over so many talents that were unveiled during the celebrations. Now that’s what we call real Talents!

While celebrating day 2 of our company anniversary, Our CEO, Mr Chimezie Emewulu started off with the history of Seamfix, achievements, challenges, milestones, etc. We could all tell that the speech motivated each and everyone of us. 


Still in the spirit of celebration, we honored our employees for their dedicated and distinguished service to the company. we honored them all with prominent titles who deserved them for their hard work and dedication over the years.


As we are keen towards employee satisfaction which is one of our core values, some employees were also recognized for going the extra mile in rendering kindness and showing support in little or big ways towards their colleagues.  

The anniversary cake was sliced by the management team, alongside various department. To end the event, we all echoed our Anthem also known as the “Seamfix Creed”. The entire event was a perfect combination of cheerful, fun, inspiring moments and we are sure glad to have our friends from Decagon. 


Here are wonderful glimpses from the celebration below: