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Achieving Inclusive Digital Identity in Africa Through Mobile Technology (Whitepaper)

by Seamfix


If you’ve thought about digital identity before, then you might also be wondering what exactly is digital identity in the first place. Is it a driver’s license or a passport? It could be those things, but digital identity is much more than just official documents.


Digital identity is a virtual proof of individuality that entities or individuals use to prove who they are and that they have the authorization to carry out transactions in the digital world. It provides the possibility of instantly and securely exchanging digitally signed and verified data without having to go to a physical location.


In today’s global economy, encouraging digital identity is one of the most critical and necessary ingredients to bring about accelerated development, especially in Africa, and to build a globally competitive digital infrastructure.


A functional digital identity ecosystem will empower a nation to create and manage its own inclusive digital identifiers (IDs), thereby providing a means for all citizens and indigenous entities to establish their provenance digitally and proffer such information as a means of proving who they are, no matter where they are.


In this downloadable whitepaper, we look at the state of digital identity on the continent and what needs to be done to harmonize and make it easier for Africans to benefit from their digital identity, both domestically and globally.


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By Ivharue Okhiaofe