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5 Ways SmartMDM Can Improve Your Efficiency as an IT Manager

by Seamfix

As an IT manager, everyone already knows you have a chunk of tasks on your table, and the last thing you want for yourself is to struggle with resolving technical issues beyond your reach. 


It even gets worse when complaints come from different angles- from a data breach to device mismanagement to malfunctioning occur; they indeed are overwhelming.


And as humans, we are naturally built to always want more; we want more productivity, more solutions, and more positive results without exerting more effort. This is exactly what SmartMDM helps you achieve! 


Achieve more with less effort; it’s time to go omnipotent.


SmartMDM is a trusted name, and here are five specific ways it can put you in charge of your game and help you become a smart and efficient IT manager.


Absolute Control Across Board

Smart MDM goes beyond the generic mobile device manager that gives you limited control. It keeps your eyes on every organizational and non-organizational activity carried out by the device users and helps you make more proactive decisions since you can now see and know all. It is an ideal MDM that allows you to call the shots from start to finish.

Proactive Management from a Single Platform

Since the aim is to make you efficient in your management, you now get to see your devices’ performances and what the users are engaged with wherever they are being used. You can also whitelist or blacklist users based on their activities from a single dashboard. It gives you all you need to see and know simultaneously, in one place.  

Cost Effectiveness and Risk Management

Imagine how expensive purchasing your devices already is. Also, imagine the extra cost you will incur when users tamper with the devices, lose important data, or even cart them away just because there is a glitch with geolocation tracking or data security. SmartMDM stands in the gap for you and helps you prevent these unnecessary costs by notifying you and allowing you to respond actively before things get complicated. While being aware of every activity going on, it improves your risk management ability as an  IT manager.

Real-time information relay with ease

Be it to a specific user or a broadcast to all your users, SmartMDM allows you to push out any notification by simply using either the user’s username or the devices’ device tags. Either way, you can be rest assured that your information doesn’t hang mid-air with SmartMDM. Now, announcing system upgrades, cautioning nonchalant users, and rectifying technical issues just got better.

SmartMDM helps you automate every manual effort

You know IT doesn’t have to be as technical as the name suggests, right? SmartMDM is a contemporary mobile device manager that brings you the new-generation comfort by automating almost every bit of activity you once manually engaged in. You can now install or uninstall apps, onboard new devices, improve device and data security, and upgrade at intervals right from your alpha device.

How much more do you have to wait to take your management role to the next level? Book a demo or sign up for a free trial and see for yourself today!