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5 Ways Managing your Mobile Devices can Boost your Company’s Growth

by Seamfix

Mobile devices (Point of Sale {POS}, phones, computers, and other work tools) are integral parts of any contemporary business’ assets. Besides being core to helping employees function properly, they greatly improve general productivity in any department.

As it is crucial to ensure that your organization’s devices serve their purposes in the hands of every employee, how can your organization experience growth through mobile device management?

5 Ways Managing your Mobile Devices can Boost your Company’s Growth

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Here are 5 Ways your Company can Grow Through Mobile Device Management

Data Security

Protecting your company’s data is as important as gathering these data in the first place. Cyberattack is currently on a high and every careless company’s firewall is being targeted by all means. Losing critical data to the hands of cyberattackers may not only stop the growth process but force a company into closing up prematurely. Imagine losing critical documents containing a list of high paying leads; having your mobile devices secured, locked and unlocked from a central point could save the day.


The more aligned your workforce is to the company policies, values, and vision, the quicker it takes to reach a common goal. Managing your company’s mobile devices by ensuring that only the permitted applications or softwares are used is a way to ensure compliance and eradicate distractions at work, hence everyone performs their expected parts in the quest for growth.


Efficiency is basically doing the right things at the right time. Imagine procrastinating about pitching a prospective customer till after the close of normal work hours; the job may be done, but the desired result may not be achieved. WIth a mobile device management plan that shows real-time device activities, you can ensure team members are up to their tasks at the right time. When all hands are on deck, the expected results are inevitable.

Installation of Productive Applications/Softwares

When there is a standard mobile device manager in place, it takes a few clicks from a central admin screen to install tools and softwares that will improve employee’s productivity. The more productive tools employees use to execute their tasks, the higher the results they record.

Stopping Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a major hindrance to growth. It is the use of unauthorized applications or work tools for official purposes. Due to the security threat it poses, it could deal a huge blow to the company’s growth and a way to avoid this is ensuring that every tool or software used at work are properly screened to ensure their credibility.

Now SmartMDM is a solution that walks with you through your business growth process by helping you ensure that your mobile devices boost your employees’ efficiency, productivity, data security, and compliance.

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