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5 Smart Ways to Boost Your FMCG Sales Team’s Productivity

by Seamfix

The Industry

Place FMCGs (fast-moving consumer goods) side by side with products from other industries, and one thing that will stand out always is the pace at which the products are being purchased. 

There is almost no day without the demand for FMCGs as the industry is one that experiences an influx of daily demands for products. Banking on that, every sales team must be at their best to ensure the bustling demand is met by a ready supply. In fact, every hand and mind must be on deck.

The Challenge

Now imagine how frustrating it could be to have your field sales team spending less than 50% of their time on actual sales activities that could bring in more revenue to the organization, and the other percentage on time-consuming activities, or worse still, non-work-related activities.

The Solution

It is obvious that while your competitors are recording great success, you may spend most of the time addressing why your team is not productive. Meanwhile, instead of being bothered about why, it’s time to focus on what to do. Here are five ways to start boosting their productivity.

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity  

Dive into process automation

Most times, when your sales team drops in performance or overall productivity, it may be the best time to visit some of the sales processes they work with. Manual processes of working may produce their own results, but they still have the tendency of producing these results at a slow pace. Process automation fast tracks sales result and even allows your team to focus on other important tasks. With process automation, you can improve how your sales team gets leads, pitch your products to them, and follow them up with easy-to-use systems like Hubspot.

Manage your sales team activities remotely

Since on-field sales activities cannot be separated from the FMCG industry, a good way to remotely see and manage your team’s activities is to have a mobile device management solution that allows you to connect all your team members’ mobile devices to a central device that can track how actively they are performing their expected tasks.

Create timely and daily goals

By creating and assigning achievable daily tasks to your team members, you can keep everyone on their toes. A good part of this tip is the motivation to outperform others that automatically comes to play once the goals are set. Assigning SMART goals will always prove to be productive in any context. 

Celebrate little and big wins

One way to keep the spirit high is never to overlook little achievements recorded by your team members. Calling them out for recognition boosts their morale and helps them to strive to do more. Some of the wins to pay attention to could be acknowledging positive feedback towards a team member or even closing a lead.

Never cease to communicate with your team

No matter how busy you get, never get slack in communicating with your team. Communication may not only be when you have a message to pass across to them, you could improve in checking up, requesting feedback, sharing tips, and many other ways. With an effective mobile device manager, you can simultaneously engage in real-time two-way communication from your central device to all your agents’ mobile devices. 

Your sales department is an integral part of your organization. The more proactive the team is, the more results it brings to your business generally.  As part of the responsibility rests on their shoulders, you also have a part to play in bringing out the best in them as they give their all to your business.