5 Reasons Why Offline Digital Forms Are The Holy Grail of Your Surveys
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5 Reasons Why Offline Digital Forms Are The Holy Grail of Your Surveys

by Seamfix

What happens when your research/survey work leaves the comfort of your familiar urban city for a remote place where you have to almost pull out your hair because the internet is becoming a pain in the butt? It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. It’s time-wasting.

Do you just abandon your online form and resort to your familiar nemesis — paper forms?

But wait! That also wants to make you pull your hair.

Stepping in to save the day — offline digital forms.

Put simply, a digital form that does not only work online but without internet connection, saving you from tons of paperwork or network issues.

Offline digital forms through effective data collection have helped many individual companies in improving their business processes and complete surveys quickly.


We’ve got a list of five reasons why life is so much better with an offline digital form.

1. With offline forms, work will always get done

We probably can’t say this enough. With offline digital forms, you can collect information using mobile devices without the connection of such devices to the internet.

If you are wondering what would happen to the data if the server is down or internet is unavailable, once a data connection is available, the responses would be submitted avoiding the loss of data.

2. …And in time, without frustration

Since certain remote areas and some urban centers experience inconsistency in network connection, the need to collect field data and customer feedback in such areas might lead to delay. Delay of smooth functioning of the survey or data collection process might frustrate the user or customer.

Since offline digital forms do not depend on internet connection, this is no longer a problem. This has led to smooth sailing from filling for users and companies can collect data easily.

3. Easy collection of mass data

Since the app does not depend on network connection for the intake of data, it allows easy collection of mass data. The data is stored on the device and is automatically synced to your account once the network connection is established.

4. Eliminate human errors

Although paper form is also a mode of offline data collection, it comes with many disadvantages some of which are the trouble of carrying it around, misplacing or damaging the data and so on. Another difficulty is the manual effort of transferring the data to the system from the paper.

The data can become useless due to human error which makes offline mobile forms the best bet. The possibility of human error is reduced as the system directly consumes all the data while the burden of carrying paper forms about is eliminated as all the data is carried in a single device.

5. Take your forms anywhere

With offline mobile forms, collection of data anywhere is made possible, even in remote areas. For many organizations, it has proved helpful.

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