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4 Benefits of Data Capture Automation In 2021

by Seamfix


Data capture automation has become an even more influential factor in the operations of successful companies and governments. In the last few years, as new ways of doing business emerge, it has only become more and more critical in providing better service delivery, improving efficiency and securing data in a global village. 

Presently, the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Market is expected to grow to reach $115.8 billion by 2028

At this growth rate, future-forward organizations would be doing their businesses, customers and agencies a lot of favor, if they give a high preference to using digital forms, instead of burdensome paper documents.

Here are four reasons why Data Capture automation matters in 2021 for you and your organization:


Manual Forms are Out of Date


The internet is home to a bunch of success stories about how certain organizations have experienced significant improvements in specific areas of their business, thanks to automation.

Most of the biggest industries have been ardent users of both software and hardware technologies that make data collection easier and more insightful. These include companies in manufacturing, retail, transportation & logistics, education, IT, and healthcare.

Governments have not been left out in this mass adoption of automated data collection. For instance, this story tells us how the Boston government have digitized more than 100 forms and saved a whopping 10000 hours spent by residents in filling forms.

It is more than sufficient to say that the most successful organizations and governments in the world have fully automated systems that ensure that they barely have to do any manual work in data collection.


Cropped shot of a senior couple meeting with a consultant to discuss paperwork at home


Save Valuable Time on Data Sensitive Projects 


Manually conducting your data capture projects can get you caught up in a lot of involuntary time-wasting efforts due to loss of documents, human errors and stress expended during data consolidation. 

Automation helps to save time and money. It’s an innate attribute that comes with any proper automation software. Everything you require for data collection using software basically happens with little or no human interference.

In industries where time is costly and customer satisfaction is important, every second saved can make all the difference in how quickly you meet your short-term and long-term business objectives.


Reach more customers Faster and Easier


Many industries daily require the use of forms to engage customers, whether it be for market research or onboarding. Think banks. Think NGOs. Think telcos. Think small businesses

What these industries all have in common is the need to reach as many people as possible for data capture. But the greater need lies in how easy and fast it is for them to conduct this in a safe and controlled environment.

An end to end data capture automation software presents the chance for organizations to carry out data capture seamlessly and quickly without falling short of compliance standards, wasting additional time or putting customers at risk.

For example, BioRegistra helps you create one of the world’s most flexible digital forms to collect just about any information required to engage your customers safely – anytime and anywhere.

Customers Data Capture Automation

Speed and ease of Online Dara Capture ensures Happier Customers


Build Happier And Loyal Customers


As you work to improve your business process, you should consider taking a holistic look at the automation process setup for customer experience.

The Research Department of CMSWire reports that 46% of executives agree that delivering quality digital customer experiences is very important to their organization. On the other hand, a TechJury report shows an 80% increase in revenue for businesses that focus on improving customer experience.

Customers want to engage with businesses as seamlessly as possible. Banks, for instance, who have to service a lot of customers while facing a lot of competition from other banks have realized the need for full-scale digitization of customer acquisition touchpoints.

The better your customer experience, the loyal your customers are to your product. 

Put one foot in the door by automating your entire data capture process with a leading platform like BioRegistra