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3 ways to Save Your Business From vicious Cyberattacks

by Seamfix

If no day passes without you sending and receiving emails, collecting customers’ data, and visiting websites in search of information, then you might be on the radar of cyber attackers.

Forbes believes that cybercriminals can penetrate 93 percent of company networks, meaning only 7 percent have what it takes to guarantee automatic resistance to attacks against their systems.

There will always be cases of cyber attacks as long as hackers are having sleepless nights searching for systems to infiltrate, but, should you wait until it’s your turn?

To loudly ring this bell to business owners’ ears, SmartMDM hosted a group of cybersecurity experts to discuss how critical cybersecurity is and why employees need to be actively involved in the fight against cyber attacks.

The webinar, held on the 28th of October 2022, themed Understanding Cybersecurity: Ensuring Employee Compliance and Risk Management Solutions for Organizations, was graced by Moses Joshua, the Community Lead of Diary of Hackers; Enoja Livinus, a certified Principal Cybersecurity Engineer and a Cybersecurity Scholar at Dublin Business School, Ireland; Samuel Ajisafe, an IT Systems and Cybersecurity expert; and Hope Aguonye, the Technical Product Manager of SMartMDM.

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Who can be attacked?

Joshua opened the floor by stressing how digital transformation and the increase in internet use has opened everyone up to being targeted for attack and how disastrous it may end if security is not taken seriously. 

In his words, “as long as your business has value to offer, cybercriminals will target you!” meaning there is no target without a valuable possession up for grabs by hackers.

The need for proactiveness

Taking the baton from Joshua, Samuel described a cyber hunt as one involving “attack and defense” and one where a business needs to be actively prepared for any attack before it strikes. Just like a football coach positions three to four defenders waiting for an approaching striker whose only aim is the goalpost behind them. Nothing beats a well-planned defense strategy, and that’s all cybersecurity entails. 

What to do to avoid being caught in the web

“Humans are the easiest bait,” this quote is about phishing, not fishing. Livinus shared his perspective on the importance of safe browsing to avoid cloned websites and links and how to be cautious against leaking critical data unintentionally.

A one-stop solution

To wrap the session up, Hope introduced SmartMDM as the one-stop software solution that helps boost compliance and efficiency by remotely monitoring every employee’s mobile device activities through a simple endpoint management system.

Key takeaway

At the end of the webinar, participants were equipped with the expected knowledge on the following:

  • The various types of cyber attacks and the form they take
  • How to avoid likely attacks and how to be fortified against future threats.
  • How to ensure employees are given the needed orientation on cybersecurity and how to make them comply

To listen to the fully recorded session of the webinar, click here.