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3 Big Challenges IT Managers Face

by Seamfix

Business operations have shed the old skin and taken a new shape, all thanks to the pandemic and new opportunities with technology, things no longer look like they were, especially since around 45% of the global workforce is now working remotely.

This model has come to stay, and one thing is certain, IT Managers need to be up and running to ensure they have their eyes on everything that happens with the dedicated mobile devices employees use remotely. But do they find this easy to achieve?

At least one in every ten IT managers has a headache when it comes to managing their mobile devices, but this doesn’t look like it will go another way soon, except if proactive steps are taken.

What 3 Major Challenges Do IT Managers Face While Going About their Daily Tasks?

Data Security

Judiciously protecting organizational data should be a priority for any business. Data is crucial in making decisions, tracking progress, forecasting, and more. Most times, these pieces of data are stored and carried on mobile devices used by team members remotely or on-site; hence, protecting these pieces of critical data from a central place remains a Herculean task!


Ensuring employees comply with the company’s policies while working away from the office is another challenge IT managers have sleepless nights about. Without a doubt, it is quite difficult to know what’s happening in a place without being there or having the means to get information about the event.

Employee Efficiency

Every organization prioritizes the expansion of its business and how to hit its set goals as quickly as possible. Still, all these can be held back by a single employee’s disposition to work and efficiency. Working remotely is flexible and comfortable; as such, employees’ efficiency level may drop drastically when there’s no means of accountability or management.

These don’t have to be your story anymore; you can stand out amongst other IT managers by doing things differently today. Learn more on how to be relieved from these recurring challenges and see how a simple solution can be the game changer for you as an IT manager.