2018; A Year In Review
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2018; A Year In Review

by Seamfix

Sigh! 2018 came and went away just like that. It feels like yesterday when we were drawing up strategies for the next 365 days. Again, Sigh!

Well, now that it is over, like always, we like to take a quick look back and reflect on some of the things that we did as a company at Seamfix. And most importantly, let you, our dear customers and cheerleaders, in on some of those things.

New Product: iClocker

We added to our amazing lineup of products. This time it is a clock-in software, iClocker, which was launched in May. It’s our latest baby and we’re proud to have this one in the market, because it contributes immensely to solving a lifelong issue of employee time and attendance for (HR) Managers.

We also had our first set of clients aboard the platform. In this regard, we’ve had thousands of clients sign up on the platform. One of our wins lie in the addition to our customer base from outside the country.

If you haven’t, you can have a feel of the product at iclocker.com.


Compared to other years, we attended more industry events, in attempts to push the boundaries of the visibility we already had. And we can gladly say these events have brought forth harvestable fruits.

Here in Nigeria, we attended the New Age Banking Summit, whose theme was centered around driving digital inclusion in the Nigerian banking system. Our MD/CEO, Chimezie Emewulu, also spoke at the event, joining a host of other speakers.

We wrote about the event here. You can catch up on what went down.

Outside the shores of Nigeria, we joined the rest of the world in attending the 5th Border Management and Identity Conference in faraway Asia, Bangkok to be precise. The event is the largest gathering of National Government Authorities.

One of our own: Seamfix KYC Summit…

So, we didn’t only attend events, we organized one of our own; a summit for stakeholders in the KYC industry. A first of its kind. The theme of the event was tagged, New Business Opportunities with KYC Registrations in Emerging Economies.

The goal of the Summit was to gather practitioners in the KYC space and enlighten them on new KYC opportunities outside the telecommunications sphere they are already accustomed to, while leveraging on Seamfix software solutions and hardware they already own.

We also wrote about the event here.


2018 saw the launch of our partnerships program, allowing us to spread the company’s reach beyond our base via engagements with other companies and individuals. So far, we’ve established relationships with more than 20 partners in different countries.


New (Product) Websites

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d realize there’s been a change in the Seamfix domain and it’s associate product websites. Our UI/UX and Marketing team oversaw a complete revamp of the websites, whipping up a more aesthetically pleasing array of webpages.

You can check out what we’re talking about here.

Doing more with BioSmart

Our mother product, BioSmart, until 2018 had always been known as a solely KYC portal for SIM registrations. However, we began efforts to take the products to greater heights and full utilization by making it adoptable for more than SIM registrations.

Telecom firms, government agencies, and other organizations with large-scale identity management and biometric registration needs can now use BioSmart.

Seamfix Xtra

At Seamfix, we binge on a lot of work, some play. But when we do play, we go in hard. Didn’t change in 2018. From an office party on Valentine’s week, where we showed ourselves some love to a day at the cinema enjoying (or maybe smirking) at Rihanna’s performance in Ocean’s 8. Then, the train turned a course at Rufus & Bees for a night of dancing and gaming, before making it’s final stop at one of the island’s dopest nightclubs.

Meanwhile, the lucky ones among us took it all the way down to Dubai, where for once, they got the chance to mix work with pleasure. This blog post will tell this story better.

Of Marriages and Baby Showers

In our last annual review, we showed you pictures of those who got married among us. Well, 2018 saw us doing a baby shower for one of them. A really beautiful something.

Then, one of our own got married. You didn’t think the year would pass without a Seamfix wedding, did you?

A little recognition

Nigeria’s top jobs website, Jobberman, released its annual list of best 100 companies to work for in 2018. Again, Seamfix featured, only this time we ranked higher, coming in at number 29.

Elsewhere, at the Nigeria Technology Awards, we copped two awards, winning the Software Development Company of the Year. Our CEO also went home with the award for Tech CEO of the year.

Again, we have a year because of you

All the successes and challenges we endured in 2018 were only possible because you made it so. Because you, our customer, found value in our offerings and decided to choose us. On this note, we aim to make 2019 an even more successful year.

Double cheers!